ObSAS CBRNe Situational Awareness
Observis Situationa CBRNe Awareness
ObSAS CBRNe Situational Awareness
ObSAS CBRNe Situational Awareness
ObSAS CBRNe Situational Awareness
Observis device and system integration

Our solutions provide improved security and situational awareness through seamless integration of devices and systems.

Experts in CBRN Integration

Critical systems

Our systems are designed to deliver critical insights and actionable intelligence, ensuring decision-makers have the information they need when it matters most.

Situational Awareness

Observis CBRN Vehicles

CBRNe Vehicle Solutions for light or armoured vehicles.

Platform and hardware independent systems customized to fit your operational needs



Integrates and controls CBRNe, Filtration, Life support and building managements as one comprehensive security suite.


Fully automated shelter and critical infrastructure safety systems.


ObSAS LINK system connects all your handheld CBRNe devices into your network wirelessly.


Create a CBRNe Monitoring Network Within Minutes

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CBRNe Device and System Integration

Fully automated and secure shelters systems against CBRNe threats

Critical Infrastructure

We make shelter systems and building protection smarter and safer by integrating all your devices and systems to work as one. ObSAS Situational Awareness System, allows full monitoring and automation to provide maximum performance for all critical infrastructure.


CBRNe device integration for light or armoured vehicle platforms

Vehicle Solutions

Completely platform and hardware independent ObSAS Situational Awareness System provides the vehicle and command center realtime information. The system can be integrated to anything from heavy armoured vehicles to large trucks or van platforms.

Create a CBRNe Monitoring Network in Minutes


Connect handheld and portable devices to your network. Personnel working in the field instantly become real-time mobile detection and monitoring units. A very cost effective solution to improve your capabilities and situational awareness.


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Observis develops and supplies comprehensive situational awareness systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring.

We are experts in device and systems integration. Our solutions are both hardware and platform independent. You get to choose the exact technologies that best suite your requirements. This allows you to respond to threats faster and more efficiently.

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We make devices and systems work as one

You are free from the clutter of using multiple different systems and instead focus on improving your preparedness and response. Our solutions are scalable and can be easily expanded for other locations or with new features in the future.

With all information inputs integrated to one situational awareness system you are free from the clutter of using multiple different systems. The goal of our integrations is to improve your preparedness and response to unexpected events.

ObSAS LINK Mobile Monitoring Networks
ObSAS LINK gets you real time detection and location data from the field

ObSAS Situational Awareness

The core of all our solutions and integrations is ObSAS Situational Awareness Software. ObSAS is able to integrate and visualise data from multiple CBRN and weather sensors as well as imaging, building management and vehicle systems. It makes even complex data easy to understand and provides clear indications and instructions in a case of an emergency.

The system can be implemented to virtually any target from a small mobile detection network to a full nationwide CBRNe and environmental safety system. It has been designed to be scalable and customisable to meet and exceed the customer’s operational requirements. ObSAS systems are also NATO ATP-45 compatible.

ObSAS Intuitive User Interface


Expand your range and capability by connecting your handheld detectors to your network with ObSAS LINK app.