ObSAS Situational Awareness

ObSAS is a highly modular situational awareness system. It is totally hardware  independent and can be implemented for virtually any size installation from a single reconnaissance vehicle to a full nationwide network of sensors.

Seamless integration

ObSAS is 100% hardware independent. Therefore, your existing, proven hardware can be implemented as part of the new system. The ObSAS connects with virtually any sensor or device which sends data. 

Fast, lighweight and customizable

The system is fast, lightweight and easy to operate. All necessary info is available at a quick glance. On multi-monitor setups you can arrange views between displays to your preference. The user interface is highly usable and customizable enabling fast and accurate response to potential events or incidents.


Intuitive user interface

he ObSAS user interface is unlike anything else on the market. It’s been designed and realized with latest tools and guidelines for responsiveness, scalability and usability. 


Connectivity & Compatibility

ObSAS features a robust selection of communication and connectivity options. For sensor data ObSAS supports serial (RS232, RS485, RS422) and ethernet (wifi, TCP/IP) as well as analog (current loop, voltage, pulse, all types of I/O and relay) communication.

ObSAS provides various documented options to interface (API/ICD) with other systems such as C4I, C4ISR,  BMS, etc. ObSAS is also NATO ATP-45C/D/E compatible for CBRN applications.

Communication can be wired or wireless (wifi, radio, 3G, 4G/LTE, RG). The amount and type of data will be optimized for each communication system.


Future-proof system

ObSAS is in constant development and new technologies and procedures are implemented on a steady pace. This means the ObSAS will always be up to date and ready to integrate new devices and other systems. Your system will never become obsolete anymore since the situation where your old software can not work with your new hardware is a thing of the past.



The ObSAS System is built with the latest technologies and guidelines. Everything about it is designed for ease of use and maximum performance. The UI is simple to use and learn but packs a wealth of features for customized user experience. It enables you to focus on what’s important instead of how everything works. A vital issue when working in hazardous environments.

Next level situational awareness

ObSAS is completely 100% platformn and hardware independent. Which ever detectors, analyzers, HVAC systems you wish to use, we can integrate them as a part of the system. The same system can take control of the visualisation of the sensor data as well as control of air flow, heating, CBRN filtration etc. systems.

All the necessary data is visualised in simple and understandable format for quick reaction and decision making.


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