Observis Reconnaissance Vehicle CBRN and First Responder

CBRNe Vehicle Solutions

Platform and hardware independent situational awareness software. Enables you to have the best detectors and analyzers for your needs.

Effective and reliable

We design and deliver cost effective and long lifetime solutions for CBRNe reconnaissance vehicles. We know and understand the challenges and risks the recce teams face during operations and what is required to ensure the safety of the personnel. We also comprehend the operational challenges and the importance of successful execution of reconnaissance missions.

Next level situational awareness

ObSAS is a highly modular situational awareness software providing fully scalable platform for device and systems integration. It is completely hardware independent and can be implemented for virtually any size installation from a single CBRNe reconnaissance vehicle to a full nationwide network of sensors and auxiliary systems. With ObSAS we are able to provide our customers the most cost effective and long term solutions in terms of system lifetime upgradability and lifetime cost.

Observis Reconnaissance Vehicle CBRN

Vehicle System Upgrades

We are able to take the full responsibility of upgrading the existing fleet of reconnaissance vehicles to latest technologies in terms of situational awareness and communications as well as detection and identification capabilities. The scope of delivery is always agreed with the customer but can consist of virtually anything regarding a system upgrade; for example cabling, comms hardware, detectors, sensors etc.

Observis Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

System Integration

For vehicle manufacturers we offer partnership where we take care of systems, equipment, devices and hardware not directly included in the vehicle/platform delivery itself. Our experience and expertise in the field of CBRNe and system integration are at our partner’s disposal to the fullest.

Observis Heavy CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle

Complete Vehicle System Deliveries

If the requirement is for turn-key delivery of Light CBRNe Reconnaissance Vehicle, we are the people to talk to. We know how to turn a standard van or a container, for example, into a sophisticated, safe and functional instrument, ready to be deployed for potentially hazardous missions.


ObSAS Vehicle screen
The ObSAS System is built with the latest technologies and guidelines. Everything about it is designed for ease of use and maximum performance. The UI is simple to use and learn but packs a wealth of features for customized user experience. It enables you to focus on what’s important instead of how everything works. A vital issue when working in hazardous environments.

Next level situational awareness

ObSAS is completely 100% platformn and hardware independent. Which ever detectors, analyzers, HVAC systems you wish to use, we can integrate them as a part of the system. The same system can take control of the visualisation of the sensor data as well as control of air flow, heating, CBRN filtration etc. systems.

All the necessary data is visualised in simple and understandable format for quick reaction and decision making.



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