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Professional software services and consulting

Observis Oy provides first class software development services as well as consultation and realization of solutions from application idea to full fledged product.

We make software prototypes and offer subcontracting service from system architecture design up to installation and deployment of complete systems. We also can take over and further develop existing software systems and thus extend the time of your existing hardware and software


Observis Oy has a solid track record in software subcontracting and consulting of mission and public safety critical systems for rail as well as public security telecommunication networks.

Prompt development cycles and close collaboration with the customer during all phases of a project enable us to deliver quick test versions and ultimately quick deployment of the final product. By selecting the right methods for software development and utilizing automated testing we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality software.

The various aspects of information security are our bread and butter and are taken into account from the very beginning of every project and work we do.

For more information and quotation for our services, please contact our sales team.


Full software delivery from idea to complete functioning service


We will deliver a software service designed exactly according to your requirement. A software service can be a single mobile- or web-application, or a large cloud based system including integrations to 3rd party systems, integrations to various devices, mobile- and web-applications and advanced algorithms.

We are completely technology independent. Therefore, we are able to utilize and integrate the best 3rd party software and hardware technologies, including open source components, with our own software and solutions. This enables us to deliver the best possible services for our customers.

One of our key competences is service design; visual properties and usability of user interfaces as well as overall user/customer experience. These are key issues regardless of the purpose of the final software service and are major part of any software design project.

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Interested in smarter software or just have a question about us? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would like to hear from you.

Heikki Isotalus
Heikki IsotalusCOO
+358 50 430 4963
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