ObSAS Mobile CBRNe Laboratory Systems


Choose the right equipment

ObSAS Mobile CBRNe Laboratory Systems are built to be installed to any platform of customer’s preference. You are free to choose the equipment you need and we will make them work together with our system. System will work on both container or vehicle based mobile laboratories as well as any reconnaissance vehicles on your fleet.

All systems in one interface

ObSAS will handle all monitoring and control of the mobile laboratory devices as well as life support and perimeter monitoring systems. If the laboratory is a vehicle based system, ObSAS can also monitor and to some extent control the vehicle’s systems as well.

ObSAS integrates

  • Analytical devices
  • CBRNe detectors
  • Pressurisation of the working area
  • Vehicle systems
  • Camera and perimeter control systems
  • Weather monitoring
  • Ground sampling systems
  • Flag drop systems

From design to implementation

Our team can design the entire concept together with the customer, help you choose the devices and other equipment needed for a high-end mobile laboratory system. We can deliver a full turn-key solution ready to use to you, train your personnel and help you maintain the system so it will provide maximum performance throughout its lifespan.

Alternatively if you already have your platform, devices and other systems chosen or you wish to upgrade your previous systems with a more modern software we can work as the system and device integrator. We make the devices talk with our ObSAS and provide you with new connectivity and capability as well as train your personnel for use and maintenance of the new system.

For more information please contact our sales