Observis Mobile CRN Laboratory


We created a cutting-edge system for detecting and studying harmful substances like CWA, TIC, VOC, radiation, and nuclear events. The Observis CRN Laboratory System is the result of collaboration with our customer and partners.

Detection and analytical capability on the move

The laboratory is built inside a truck container and is divided into 5 sections, all monitored for contamination and kept pressurised for safety. Each part of the laboratory is meticulously designed for its purpose and equipped with high quality equipment to maximise performance.

The container also features weather for local wind and air quality reports as well as a stand-off chemical detector for detecting hazards from distances. Both are installed to retractable mast systems which can be controlled from inside the laboratory container and connected to the Observis ObSAS control center system.

Designed and built for performance

1 & 2 Entry and Technical Room:
People enter through a decontamination room that uses pressurized air to remove particles from clothing. The technical space houses electronics, servers, and other equipment to run the container.

3 Control Center:
This area has ample space for personnel to work and store necessary gear. A large LED monitor shows the ObSAS map interface and vehicle features. Each crew member has a workstation. There’s a separate entrance/exit to isolate the control center crew when needed.

4 Laboratory:
Samples are received through a pressurized hatch from the field. All work is done inside fume hoods and gloveboxes to prevent contact with the inside air. Custom-built gloveboxes maintain security and prevent contamination. The laboratory also has storage, a water faucet, and refrigeration.

5 Analytical Space:
Samples ready for analysis move to this area through another pressurized hatch. It features a large GC/MS system and workstation for accurate analysis by up to three people at once.

Safety Measures

All sections are continually monitored for chemical and radiological threats with fixed detectors. If a hazard is detected, the ObSAS Control System activates CBRN filtration and extra air supply to ensure crew safety.

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