Who are we and why are we here

Company was founded in 2011 by our three majority owners to develop new and better software solutions for those who wanted to improve their products and services. We are still on that same path providing you with new takes and bold new solutions for your needs. Learn from the past and create better tomorrow.

Strong roots in CBRNe

Many of our personnel have years of experience in the field or CBRNe safety and security from working with different devices and device manufacturers. Launching and developing entire device and software families as well as doing business in the field of CBRNe devices.

The long experience in CBRNe field brought us unique insight on where we feel the systems should go next and thus we created our ObSAS product family.

Innovation through experience

Our extensive experience in the safety and security field as well as software develpment presents us with tremendous skillset to fulfil our customers needs. We can pull ideas from many different fields to benefit the project and provide the customer with completely new ideas and solutions. That is literally thinking out of the box.

Based in Finland - Serving worldwide

Our main offices are located in Mikkeli, Finland. In the heart of Southern Savonia area. From here we launch our worldwide operations and do our product development as well as most key actions.

However to better serve our customers around the globe we have established an office in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Our CEO is stationed there and takes care of our projects and customers in that area.

We value

Honesty & Integrity

Finnish people are by nature honest and keep their word. We strive to upkeep that tradition and hold ourselves accountable to every promise we make. We deliver what we promise.

Agility & Adaptability

We realize there is no cookie cutter solution for everything. Every customer has different needs and we are prepared to meet and exced those in our every project.

Skills & Knowhow

The world changes every day and technologies and trends rise and fall. We aim to keep our skillset up-to-date and are constantly educating ourselves on best practises.