Platform and Hardware
Independent Solution

ObSAS and the entire S3 concept is designed to be agnostic about the technologies you wish to implement. You are free to choose what ever detectors, analyzers and systems you require.

We can integrate them as one complete smart shelter system.

Smart Shelter Key Features

  • Integrates all shelter systems as one
  • Complete situational awareness, including outside shelter
  • Enables fully automated shelter
  • Collects and visualizes real-time data from sensors and systems
  • Monitors the health and operability of the shelter
  • Hardware independent
  • eMaintenance keeps shelter operational all the time
  • Applies to all critical infrastructure protection
  • Scales from standard shelters up to VIP shelters

ObSAS can integrate all your shelter equipment

Automated Shelter Controls

Automated controls easily outpace the manual operation of valves, doors and filtration systems. This significantly decreases the reaction time to outside threats providing an unprecedented level of safety and security compared to traditional shelter configurations.

eMaintenance system keeps everything working at maximum capacity. Keep track on spare parts and maintenance procedures

Rule-Engine enables making pre-set actions for specific phenomenas within the software which will then trigger correct functions in the shelter without any human interaction.

All in the same system If you have other critical locations, CBRNe Vehicles, mobile units, mobile labs… you can see everything within the same system. ObSAS provides complete situational awareness

ObSAS provides full CBRNe protection

Situational Awareness

In addition to automating the shelter controls the system provides visualised real-time situational awareness of the status of all devices and functions of the shelter. A smart shelter system places all information and full control of the shelter system on the operator's fingertips enabling them to make educated decisions quickly when needed.

Smart Shelter System User Interface


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