All vehicle features in one system

ObSAS CBRNe Vehicle Solutions combine all vehicle systems into one. You can control and monitor everything from the same user interface instead of getting cluttered by several different systems and interface.

ObSAS Integrates

  • Detectors, Sensors and Analyzers
  • UAV and UGV systems
  • CBRN Filtration and Overpressure Systems
  • Flag and Marking Systems
  • Camera and Video Systems
  • Glovebox Power System
  • Water system
  • Weather Mast Control

From installations to full turn-key solutions

Our services cover all kinds of installations. If you already have your platform selected our team can come and install everything for you, train your personnel and support your project to reach a successful goal.

We can also deliver the whole vehicle as a turn-key solution where you only need to choose the technologies and chassis you need and we will deliver fully operational vehicles for you, train your crew and help you maintain your capability.

ObSAS Light CBRNe Vehicle System

Improve your capability

With ObSAS you aren’t locked into single manufacturer’s technologies or chassis but instead can choose the exact right technologies to fit your specific needs.

We will integrate them into one complete system providing you with improved capability and security. With the devices and vehicle systems all in the same interface you can focus on your mission instead of trying to find the correct information.

ObSAS CBRNe Vehicle System is completely platform independent

ObSAS Provides Complete Situational Awareness

ObSAS Vehicle Solutions are fully compatible with ObSAS Control Center software meaning you can easily see your every vehicle and mobile unit in real time all within the same system as well as your every fixed installation. You will have complete situational awareness at all times with accurate and time correct measurements including weather.

You can issue commands and plan missions from your Control Center and send them to your vehicle and mobile units in the field and then monitor their progress from the system. The vehicle and mobile units will also see each other and all the real time data and alarms they produce in their own client.

ObSAS Armoured CBRNe Vehicle System

For vehicle manufacturers

We offer partnership where we take care of systems, equipment, devices and hardware not directly included in the vehicle/platform delivery itself. Our experience and expertise in the field of CBRNe and system integration are at our partner’s disposal to the fullest.


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