S3 – Smart Shelter Systems


Observis and Temet launched a new collaboration for a holistic and comprehensive Shelter Concept, called S3 – Smart Shelter System. The collaboration between the companies was established years ago, completing joint projects together both in Finland and worldwide. The S3 solution was redefined for a large undisclosed project and launched now as a complete solution.


The S3 Concept is covering all the Shelter protection needs, from Blast Protection and CBRN filtration to aerial control and EMP, with a user friendly control interface.
As most critical infrastructures above ground are controlled by a BMS system, it is only natural that a Shelter, a critical infrastructure in emergency times, would be controlled by an effective and modern system.

Fully Automated Shelter

The S3 Concept provides fully automated control over shelter systems decreasing the reaction time to threats thus providing an unprecedented level of safety and security compared to traditional shelter configurations. The system also provides visualised real-time situational awareness of the status of all devices and functions of the shelter. A smart shelter system places all information and full control of the shelter system on the operator’s fingertips enabling them to make the right decisions quickly when needed.

Find out more: https://www.smartsheltersystems.com


Observis Oy

Observis Oy develops and supplices comprehensive, hardware independent situational awareness systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring. Observis is an expert in device as well as system integration and has delivered vehicles, shelters and mobile applications all over the world.

Temet Oy

Temet is a world leader in the protection of Civil Defense and Hardened Facilities. Temet has delivered numerous projects and cooperated with a wide variety of expert specialist contractors, such as Observis.