In software’s end of life comes a point where performance is still up-to-par for servicing loads of customers the maintaining and upkeep has be come difficult and development all but stopped. Customer’s support requests, wishes and problems just can not be answered.

Maybe the company has lost the sharpest know-how on the legacy solutions at some point or the capable personnel are busy with something else than poking around 10-20 year old technology. Paying customers however still need to be kept happy with the older software at least for the time that an alternative can be offered.

Out software-end-of-life service deals with that problem for you. We will take your legacy software to our care and our seasoned experts will keep it up and running until it’s dignified end. During the project we can also survey the means and needs for the software to be updated to meet modern standards. The full scale end-of-life service makes sure that a new or replacement service is already chosen and tested and in use by your old customers by the time when the legacy software will be gracefully laid to rest.

We make the change happen before it’s too late!