Games, customer applications, route search, sports club applications, event applications or instrumentation data visualizations … There are many mobile applications and we have implemented all of the above for both small and large customers.

Whatever your needs are, we can develop a convenient, sensible and, above all, mobile app for you for both iOS and Android platforms. The project is started by mapping out what is required of the application and what added value it brings. This will result in satisfied users who are more committed to using the app, and your new great mobile app won’t drop into the “one more phone app” tray.


Event application – Phone application for music, film, etc. events, with all the necessary information about the event and a direct information channel for customers. Maps, Fan Stores, links to artists’ channels … everything you could expect from an event app right in the pocket of an event visitor.

Sports club application – Game times, results services, releases, fan products. All supporter services in one app.

Mobile radiation meter network application – A project facilitated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to provide its member states with an easy, light and efficient way to network radiation meters and obtain real-time information from the field.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our own mobile application, and we will explore together what would suit your needs best.