We have been developing rail systems with a number of top players in the industry across Europe. Timetables, rail safety and track status are familiar to us.

Systems related to the field and their integration into one functional entity are also a familiar task. We can also utilize this expertise in different logics and data buses in projects in other transport sectors. Security and operational reliability are also our strengths. Rail and other transport arrangements must be infallible and reliable. They often operate autonomously so automation of processes and logics is a big part of our development work.

Intelligent transport

Smart Traffic is no longer an illustration of the future but very present in everyday life. We can use our special expertise in rail systems in your intelligent transport projects and development work. Automation and situational awareness are at the heart of intelligent traffic, and we have exactly that experience over the years.

Ask more about the projects and how we can harness all our professional knowledge in the field of transport for your project.