More commonly know as user interface and usability are a significant part of developing a new software or application. For the user the UI is the first contact to the software and preferably it would be both a pleasant to look at and logical to use. Even though the subject matter might be complicated it is possible to make the application very simple to use and to comprehend. Visually pleasing and logical application is enjoyable to use and most importantly the user is pleased to use it.

Often the user interface is the first things the project starts planning. It comes to life right after defining the required features as it helps defining on how the execution will happen and possibly creates new avenues of development or new ways to develop the needed features. For the customer the UI tells a lot about the end product and how the project is proceeding, then new versions are released and new features are added.

Usability goes hand in hand with the interface design and it aims to figure out the most logical and simple route for the user to access the needed features and actions. Even the best application won’t fly if it is difficult and confusing to use. Often usability design aims to simplify and streamline the process for a fluid user experience. Of course the complexity of the application plays a big part in this but with a proper UI/UX design a lot of things can be made much more usable.