Observis staff henkilöstö

We are always looking for new colleaques!

Send your open application to hr@observis.fi. 

We will contact you if we think you could fit into our group.

Observis Trainee Program

Software Development 

As a software developer trainee at Observis, youll be working with a variety of projects, technologies and development environments. Our experienced developers will be helping you with the tasks – but because there’s so much to do, we expect you to be a quick learner. Knowledge of some of the following technologies will be an asset:

Java, Typescript, React, React Native, GIS, IoT, just to name a few.

Why to apply for Observis Trainee Program?

The opportunity to be developing software services with global impact. We work mainly in the safety sector and on railway systems.

With us you have a fast line to the international career – many of the customers and projects are abroad. Here you have a chance to challenge yourself. It wont be easy, but without pain there is no gain.

Once you have successfully completed the Trainee Program, the company can offer you the next opportunity in the form of a thesis work or a job. Required languages: English or Finnish, all other languages are a plus Start and end times: upon agreement

Location: Mikkeli

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