The game will change at 13th CBRNe Symposium,
Malmö, Sweden

Situational Awareness

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for Mission Critical Environmental
and Operational Security

Observis is a developer and supplier of comprehensive situational awareness systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring. We have extensive experience in delivering solutions to, for example armoured and light reconnaissance vehicles and critical infrastructure applications.

Seamless Integration

Our core competitive edge is the seamless system integration. The solutions we deliver are fully scalable as well as platform and hardware independent. This enables us to offer our customers the freedom to select the most suitable components meeting their operational requirements.

New at Observis



The systems we deliver are built on our ObSAS system software. It is the platform which we can adapt for virtually any application requiring uncluttered visualization of critical data.

By combining the outstanding know-how and experience of our staff with the ObSAS we are able to deliver unrivalled complete situational awareness systems to our customers worldwide.


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